The Death of Youtube?


Brenna Hildebrand

Think of your favorite creator. Do they swear? Do they depict violence? Do they talk about troublesome or controversial topics? You may say goodbye to many of their videos.

Youtube has recently changed many of their policies on which videos have access to become monetized. Youtubers get paid a large chunk of their paycheck from the ads on their videos that ad companies choose. Because of Youtube’s agreement with those companies, videos must be submitted and reviewed for content before creators can earn money from it.

Many creators were worried that their videos would be demonetized, and that they would have no way to support themselves. They also have other means of income: brand deals, sponsored social media posts, and their own merchandise for fans. They would be losing money, but ultimately, they won’t be losing much. In comparison to the other things they do, a check from Youtube is just a small part of their overall earnings.

Do you think that Youtube has the right to change their policies after so many people have made earnings doing things that were previously okay? Should those creators still be compensated? If you have a response, tweet it at @pelladiumonline or Snapchat us @pelladiumonline.


Harley Atchison, [email protected]