Meet the Coach: Mr. Culter

Meet the Coach: Mr. Culter

Brenna Hildebrand

Coach Cutler


  1. How long have you been coaching at Pella? Do you have any prior coaching experience?
  2. “This is my 12th season as Head Coach of Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country. I coached seven seasons prior to coming to Pella in Missouri.”


  1. What do you love about coaching cross country?
  2. “Everyone participates, everyone counts, everyone improves both themselves and the quality of the team.”


  1. What is this year’s theme? Why?
  2. “P.U.S.H.” (Persist Until Special Happens) Distance running, like life, is a series of repeatable events. When you continually make positive choices and perform intentional actions, great things will happen athletically, academically, and in your relationships.”


  1. How is dealing with past success easy or hard to deal with the next year?
  2. “Past successes install confidence that improvements can always be made through hard work and dedication. The only negative occurs when people neglect to assess the level of effort it took past teams to achieve that level of success and take for granted that it will be easier for themselves than it was for them. Success always has a cost that must be paid, it is never easy or free. This is again true not just in athletics, but in academics and relationships. Nothing is easy if you want to be truly great.”


  1. How is coaching cross country different than any other sport?
  2. “I love cross country because when I was young it is where I found a second family. But coaching is coaching, it’s always about learning a certain skill, and then inspiring others to become more than what they currently are. Getting to share my passion to improve human speed and endurance while building an encouraging team atmosphere is very satisfying.”


•Caleb Piersma, [email protected]