Tweets 12/13


Brenna Hildebrand

Andie Sunderman @andelynjae I’m already tired of school and ready for Christmas break.

Ellie Howard @elliehoward_ Listening to Christmas music puts me in such a good mood.

Hanna Kendall @hannaisnotfunny Just ordered $60 worth of sweaters and have no regrets.

Kennady Klein @kennady_klein Why does 7 feel like 10 every night?

Paloma Mate-Kojo @TheMKPaloma So who wants to help me pay for college?

Jack Stratton @jackdabrilliant “The band director untied my left-hand shoe halfway through band rehearsal. There was no explanation. High school is a magical place.”

Soren Stelter @stelter_soren “Still waiting for that day when I stop at a red light with the gas light on… and I run out.”

Nick Bernhagen @nickberhagen “If you don’t post an Instagram pic on Thanksgiving are you really thankful?”

Michael Schildroth @mdschildy “Me trying to decide on a college – “does it have a Target within a 10 mile radius?”

David Chaffin @nastyboydave_ “You know you’re good when your school has a trending hashtag on Twitter #3peat”

•Tiffany Van Gilst, [email protected]