Delightful Des Moines Dates


Tiffany VanGilst

Visit the Art Center in Des Moines – Walk around, take some pictures and then stroll around the rose garden. Romantic and has free admission!

The Escape Chambers – Great for trust building and exercise. The Escape Chambers locks you in a scenario room, and you have to escape to win. Located in Des Moines, these chambers are a little bit expensive, but the experience is worth it!

Visit the sculpture park – If you can drive, go to downtown Des Moines and take a stroll around the great sculptures. It’s free and a great picture opportunity!

Go ice skating – The Brenton ice skating rink, located in downtown Des Moines, is close to great food options. The price of admission is only $7.50 per person!

Go to the symphony – Des Moines has a great symphony, and it’s a way to get to know your date through the arts!