Junk of the Month


Chandler Jahner

Owner: Luke Schemm

Model: 1989 Ford F-250

Nickname: “Greyhound”

Luke took time with me to discuss the pro’s and con’s of his machine.

It has a heater
Perfect winter driver: has four wheel drive and it already has cosmetic damage. (What’s a little more going to hurt?)
Truck came with good tires referenced as “Pizza Cutters” for unusually tall and thin shape.
Driving this truck with stacks and no doors is the true meaning of freedom.


It guzzles so much gas I have started measuring fuel economy by GPM (gallons per mile)
It consumes oil regularly so weekly fill-ups of gas and oil are a necessity
Speeds over 55 are referenced as the “Danger Zone”
Many electronics are sketchy (windows don’t roll up, no radio, and windshield wipers work off and on)

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Disclaimer: Junk of the Month is meant to be a fun showcase of a person’s vehicle. The vehicle featured in the Pelladium was with owner’s consent and all information was approved before print.