Assistant Soccer Coach


Drake Beard

The 2017 soccer season had a rough start when the search for an assistant coach, which began last fall, was unsuccessful. Last season, Blaine Forsythe resigned which left the soccer team without an assistant coach, so the Athletic Director, Dale Otte, has stepped in and applied for the job. Otte coached at Valley for 6 years, has played at Valley and has fulfilled the requirements to be an assistant coach.

When asked how the season has been going so far Otte stated, “It’s been fun coaching and being in contact with the kids, something to look forward to the end of the day.”

Student Reaction

“He’s a great coach, his communication with the players is great. I wish the freshman would listen to him because he is very knowledgeable.”

  • Senior Caleb Ferguson.

“He’s a great coach and really seems to care about the player coach relationship and bettering us as soccer players.”

  • Senior Dylan Kramer

“I like him as our coach this year. He’s very knowledgeable and is a very good coach I’m excited to see what our first game brings.”

  • Senior Nathan Bolt