Seniors’ Advice for the Underclassmen


Chandler Jahner

We are going to be really honest… high school wasn’t that bad. Wasn’t great, but not too shabby. Let’s put it this way, we will not be too sad when we graduate. We did make a lot of friends along the way, and we did learn a few things here and there. Yes, high school has been a treat for us, at times, and other times it was well, interesting, we’ll call it. So, let us treat you with some of the lessons we learned while in our four years of high school.

Being adaptive is a good thing, and it is a skill that you need a lot in high school. Being able to be flexible is huge because high school throws you in a million different directions.

Keep your head down in the hallway as a freshman and make sure you don’t upset the upperclassman.See freshmen, this is something you should actually do out of reverence and respect for your seniors.

If you are walking down the hallway and you want to avoid being awkward, get out your phone and pretend like you are texting someone important (we all know you are actually just on Instagram).

Making those individuals who are practicing PDA in the hallway feel awkward is always fun, plain and simple.

Girls are confusing; we will never, ever understand them. Can I get an “Amen”!?

Sucking up to teachers is always a good thing. Who cares if everyone else in the class sees it; all that matters is the grade.

Grades do matter. But, you don’t always have to remember the content of the tests. Just make sure you learn it for the day of the test and then forget it the day later. However, make sure to save the test, so you can try and relearn all the information in one night for the semester final.

You can never spend too much time with your friends. The memories of homework and stress will fade, but the ones with friends won’t.

You can never have too many state championships… Football 3x, Band, Jazz Band 2x, Boys Track, Tess Roorda in Cross Country, and all the girls sports that we got 2nd (close enough), and FFA (EVEN THOUGH I WON A VERY DIFFICULT COMPETITION AND DIDN’T GET RECOGNIZED BY THE ADMINISTRATION NOR DID I GET AN ASSEMBLY! But I’m not angry…or anything.)

This experience, high school, is what you make of it. And you are more than capable of leaving your mark on the high school.

Now comes the part of the story where we are supposed to get sappy. Yeah, that isn’t going to happen. That ain’t our style baby! Have a wonderful rest of your lives. We out!

Caleb Piersma and Chan Chan the Ladies Man