In the Mind of Gabi


Gabi Criscuolo

Wanderlust; what is this word? The word that’s so often seen in people’s Instagram biographies or maybe tattooed on people’s forearms with cute little stars surrounding it. It’s not just a basic word that girls use to seem mystical. To put it simply, this word describes people who feel as though they are stuck where they are and that their heart is being pulled somewhere else. I believe that there is a little bit of wanderlust in all of us calling us to travel.

Nothing makes a person want to get out of the house more than spring. The weather has finally started to warm up, and after a winter of staying inside, nothing is more refreshing that going out and seeing the sights. When traveling, you get to see things that would never have been imagined as possible- mountains that seem to touch the sky and an ocean that stretches as far as the eye can see.

The best trip I have taken was last summer with my parents and my best friend to Colorado. It wasn’t a super extensive trip, in fact we just visited family, but I had so much fun getting to spend time with my friend. It was also amazing to see a totally different terrain compared to the flat cornfields.

Traveling also opens up opportunities to learn new languages. So okay, you may only learn a few phrases, or a simple please and thank you. You might not be fluent in the language, but it shows you’re willing to learn and try and this goes a long way in a foreign country. Locals will appreciate you a lot more because you’re wanting to know more about them and interact with them on a different level.

But what if you’re not going somewhere with a different language? Well stop by a museum, and there will be lots to learn about history. Getting out there and experiencing things makes you more open minded. Exposure to different cultures gives you a better perspective, and makes you question things about your culture, and if there are some things you need to change. So get out there and see the world. It might just be what you need.