The Return of It


Zoë Card

Twenty-seven years ago, the first sign of It appeared on the big screen from the pages of Stephen King’s novel. In 1990, It was broadcasted for families to see as a TV Mini-Series. This later was put together to make one movie, which aired on November 18, 1990. The videos were directed by Tommy Lee Wallace and adapted to be more child-friendly than the book, allowing for more viewers to watch the production. There is an obvious difference between the two versions of the story. The newer production has age restrictions, as it was rated R. This made it possible for the movie to have much more graphic scenes than the 1990s production.

The 1990s version of It included the two parts of the book, the children’s’ experiences versus the adults. In contrast to this, the 2017 film focused solely on the kids’ perspective. This allowed the movie to go more in-depth and have more time to develop characters and scenery.

While the two portrayals were similar as far as the overall plot and events, the 2017 adaptation showed originality. One major difference between the two was seen through the character Pennywise. Pennywise, the famous It clown, was portrayed by Bill Skarsgård, a Swedish actor. Skarsgård put his own twist on the character by using his movements to express the insanity that Pennywise possesses.

It director, Adrés Muschietti, said “I wanted it to feel like (Bill Skarsgård) was having fun. Pennywise enjoys scaring kids and eating them – when people are most scared, that’s when he’s happiest.”

I recommend both the classic and the remake. The films are scary enough to make the audience jump, yet they are still able to sleep at night. 1990s version is a great example of an older classic that has a strong background. Although the most recent version of It is a better horror movie due to the quality of the filming and character development, the film had a darker filter surrounding the events that happened than the earlier production.