Trends That Sum Up 2017


Tiffany VanGilst


The dance trend that everyone does to annoy someone else.

2.Rubbing Foundation in with anything other than a Beauty Blender.

2018 might bring out all the acne and rashes in all of us.

3.Charcoal everything

We get it, you’ve been naughty for Christmas, but please don’t ruin everything we use for all of us. It’s one thing to have face masks with it, but lemonade? No thanks.

4.Starbucks Trendy Drinks

If you want to drink unicorn tears, you’re going to have to kill one yourself because drinking pure sugar isn’t healthy.

And last, but not least…

Construction at Pella High

Honestly, can we leave this trend in the past? Everyone has been sick since 2015, and it hasn’t gotten better. Please stop this madness or at least give us all complimentary gas masks.