Essential Oils Article

Essential Oils Article

Courtney Paxton

There has been some discussion on whether Essential Oils are good for you or not. There are several people that believe that they are not good for you, but they can help you feel healthy and relaxed. You can use oils in different ways such as applying them onto your skin, diffusing them, or put a few drops of lemon essential oil into a glass of water. If you put the lemon oil in a plastic cup, the oil will eat the plastic.

Many celebrities also agree that Essential Oils are good for you. Singer Kelly Clarkson invited Young Living to her new album release, Meaning of Life. Clarkson told Jared Sandberg Turner, President and COO of Young Living,  that she is a “HUGE fan of essential oils and that she uses the oils before every performance.” My family and I have been using Essential Oils for three years and have had a positive experience using them. My family uses them for headaches, muscle cramps, etc.

Some people don’t believe that Essential Oils work. Some people believe they are bad because oil isn’t good for skin and sometimes causes an allergic reaction. When people apply certain oil, they often feel heat or a bit of burning. If that happens, apply a carrier oil before applying the oil to your skin to create a barrier on your skin. Others believe that buying the oils off distributors is dangerous because they believe the distributors might put something in the oils before distributing them. To avoid this from happening, buy your essential oils on the Young Living website.

There are different types of essential oils, they can also be mixed together to make blends. Commonly used oils are lavender and eucalyptus which helps you relax, peppermint which helps relieve headaches, tea tree which is an anti-bacterial oil, and frankincense which helps with skin conditions.

Essential Oils are used in so many different ways. Some use them to help support their digestion. Athletes often use them after a game to relieve muscle cramps or any pain they have through their body. Other use them to help cope with stress and anxiety. My family and I use them to help promote restful sleep, by diffusing the oils in a diffuser, in order to be energized for the next day.

Young Living Essential Oils are used by many people are the world. Even though some people believe that they are bad for you, there are many benefits on them. They can help with different ways to make you and your family healthy and relaxed.