Advice to Underclassmen

Advice to Underclassmen

Selena Quangvan

Being a senior is kind of scary. Everything is coming to an end, and my next journey awaits. There are many times throughout high school that I would like to go back and redo, but that isn’t how life works. Here I am, as a senior, giving advice to you underclassmen.

I remember my freshman year, I was always worried about what people thought of how I dressed or looked. As a senior, we rarely notice underclassmen and are too busy worrying about our own lives. My advice is to not care about what people think of you and to express yourself in any way that makes you happy.  I found new ways to express myself through fashion. I was able to stop worrying about what people think and found my personal style. Now I gladly wear distressed tees, fishnets, and platform sandals. I also expressed myself through my hair. I started dying my hair different colors like blonde, purples, browns, etc. People probably thought I was crazy, but I loved my colored hair and would definitely do it again!

As a seven-year-old girl, I loved watching Bratz: The Movie. This movie was about how best friends came to high school together and had a strong friendship. As peer pressure threatened to divide the best friends, they learned how to work together and overcome all obstacles. I thought high school was going to be like this movie, but in reality, it wasn’t. I learned that the friends you enter high school with may not be the friends you leave high school with. In high school, there are so many activities or athletics to join.  These activities can lead you to new friends, sparking new interests. You and some of your friends may naturally drift apart due to these new interests. My advice is to move on and meet new friends that resemble the “new” you. And it is okay to meet new friends! Don’t make yourself isolated because you are afraid. Meeting new friends or people, in general, is a part of life and growing up!

High school can be challenging, but hopefully, this advice may help. Yes, it is important to get good grades, but remember to have fun while you’re doing it. Enjoy the moments you have in high school because it goes by fast. Don’t worry about what people think of you, don’t be afraid to branch out and make new friends, don’t be scared to try new things, do things that you are comfortable or happy with, and lastly, cherish your time here at Pella High.