Five Great Places to Online Shop


Miniature shoppers with shopping carts on a computer keyboard. Online shopping concept.

Lily Pumphrey


Nowadays, most shopping is done online. In fact, last year 79 percent of people shopped online. Websites like Amazon make shopping online easy and cheap. As rad as Amazon is, it’s always fun to mix it up. Here are six lesser-known online shopping destinations.


Store Dog Dog

Store Dog Dog hosts a selection of fun and trendy apparel including clothes, phone cases, accessories, and bags. Store Dog Dog is your destination for that ~aesthetic~ look. If you’re going for the Emma Chamberlain look, Store Dog Dog is the shopping destination for you.



ThinkGeek is your destination for all things techy and nerdy. ThinkGeek is a great place to find all things Marvel, Star Wars, Pokemon, and Harry Potter, or pretty much any nerdy fandom you can think of. ThinkGeek is also a great place for novelty or techy gifts for your dad. If you’re looking for something cool from your favourite video game, movie, or show, ThinkGeek is the place.



ThriftBooks is a great place to find, as the name would suggest, cheap books. ThriftBooks has a great selection of both classic and contemporary literature. Whether you’re looking for your very own copy of The Jungle (because you undoubtedly loved it so much) or the newest John Green book, Thrift Books is the place for you.



Nike may not be an online only retailer, but the Nike website offers some great features that you can’t find in stores. Not only does the online store offer exclusive styles and a greater range of styles, you can also design your own shoes. So if you’re looking to design some sick kicks or shop athletic wear without leaving the couch, Nike is your shopping destination.



Have you ever walked into a novelty store and thought to yourself, where do they even find this stuff? Well, wonder no longer. BlueQ is the place to find fun novelty stuff.  BlueQ offers an impressive selection of novelty socks, bags, and toiletries. So whether it’s a novelty oven mitt for your mom or some socks for your dad, BlueQ is your place.