The Sound of Music Review


Zandra Spiker

Due to the daunting popularity of the show, The Sound of Music is a difficult show to put on as a high school performance. However, the cast of the show handled this pressure and put on a quality musical.

The vocals and acting made the play enjoyable for all audiences. From the adorable children in the play to the well-cast nuns and nazis, it is made clear Pella High is not lacking in talent. The most enjoyable part of the musical to listen to, however, were the trios.  In the second scene, Hanna Blom, Gabi Criscuolo, and Lydia Taylor’s trio asking the question “How do you solve a Problem like Maria?” left everyone wanting more. The trio of Kaylin Vos, Kaleb Nguyen, and Luigi Lopez was just as satisfying in the second act.

Overall, the musical was a good experience and almost made me forget I was in a high school auditorium. My major problems with the musical were all related to the set, not to the acting itself. Things that bothered me varied from a backdrop easily seen behind a door to an extremely high bed with a badly concealed ladder. 

My biggest issue, however, was with the transition times. It took way too long to move on to the next scene. Long transitions are boring for the audience and getting distracted is extremely easy as you wait in the dark. I watched the preview for the middle school, and how loudly and quickly these kids can start talking during said transitions is astonishing. Especially when they don’t necessarily stop talking the minute curtains open up again. However, I have heard that for the Thursday performance the transitions were shorter, and the progress of the play was smooth. 

There’s no doubt that Choir Instructor Michelle Chaplin is a talented director who cast extremely talented students as well. If you have the chance, I highly recommend going to see one of the two remaining shows for Pella High’s production for The Sound of Music tonight at 7pm or Saturday night at 7pm. Approximately $6 is a low price to pay for the entertainment of this production and the memories that will last a lifetime.