Pella Student Vlogs


Sara Bennett

Josie Lickteig and Dawtrinay Hodge have been documenting their memories throughout their high school life in two different ways. Lickteig shows her experiences through GoPro videos with an aesthetic feel, while Hodge documents her school day with friends and activities.

Currently, Lickteig has 70 subscribers and has 12 videos on her channel. She shares videos almost every month of a summary of all the activities she’s experienced and also documents a lot of school activities she participates in, including homecoming, football, and volleyball games.

Lickteig’s most popular video right now is “Summer 2017: July l GoPro” with around 1400 views.  It is a summary of her summer through the eyes of a GoPro. She has been uploading content for a year and a half.

“I really wanted to capture my memories to have them forever, and I’ve also been interested in creating videos,” Lickteig.

Hodge currently has 125 subscribers with 13 videos uploaded. She has been uploading vlogs almost every Wednesday since junior year to show her experiences with her peers throughout high school.

Hodge’s most popular video/vlog is “GIFTED TEENS AT MY HIGH SCHOOL” with 223 views.  It debuts classmates at Pella High showing some of their tricks. She has been currently been uploading content for one year.

Dawntrinay explains, “I’ve been watching Youtube for a long time and I have always loved it. When vlogging became popular I was really into different people’s personalities and the variety, so I wanted to try something new. I have developed great relationships with all of my classmates and I believe part of that has to do with the vlogs.”

Lickteig and Hodge’s memories are now documented on YouTube forever where students of Pella High can now go back and relive the memories.