My take on Marie Kondo


Lily Pumphrey

There’s no way around it, my closet had become a disaster zone. It wasn’t so much that I had an unmanageable amount of clothes, it was more so the fact that I didn’t have any good way of managing them. Having recently watched the Netflix series Tidying up with Marie Kondo, I was feeling inspired. So, I set about organizing my closet according to the Konmari method.

The first step in the Konmari method is to gather all of your clothes and put them in a pile. This is meant to create a sense of perspective because seeing just how much you’ve hoarded is helpful when it comes to letting go. I never considered myself a person with lots of clothes, so the size of my pile came as somewhat of a surprise to me.

The next step in the Konmari method is to sort your clothes into two piles, those that “spark joy” and those that do not. I’m not sure whether it’s a fault of my character or of the system, but I did not find that any of my clothes really “sparked joy” or didn’t spark joy. For the most part, they were just clothes. Nevertheless, it was easy to let go of things. Rather than asking myself if the items sparked joy or not, I instead sorted them into “clothes I’d like to keep wearing” and “clothes I don’t see myself wearing in the future.”  I dutifully thanked the clothes I let go.

Next came folding. I am most definitely not a clothes-folding kind of person, but I do like how Marie Kondo instructs you to fold. Clothes are folded into tent shapes and propped up so that you can see everything you have. This makes a lot of sense to me, and after operating for a few days under this system, I began to see just how brilliant it is. I love being able to see everything in my drawers.

As much as I sing the praises of this folding system, I’m not entirely sure that I will keep using it in the future because I am pretty lazy. Overall, however, I really liked this experiment. It was kind of a pain, but I was able to get rid of two bags of clothes, and my closet looks better than ever before. I hope I can adhere to it, and I would certainly recommend that others try it.