The Prom Experience: Boys VS Girls


Allison Clark

I started planning for prom months before April 6. First, I got my dress. Then I bought jewelry, found heels, planned out makeup and hair, and had my nails done. My prom date, on the other hand, bought his tux, and that was it. How about the day of prom? The following is a comparison of a boy’s prom day versus girl’s.


  1. Wake up early. There is a whole list of things done to prepare in the morning, and it really depends on the individual girl. Most girls shower, shave, and set out their clothes/dress. I have heard of girls doing other preparatory things such as face masks. No matter what the girl’s wake up routine, it typically begins before 12 a.m.
  2. Start “glamming” up. Hair and makeup can make or break a prom look. In my experience, prom hair and makeup can take around 2 hours, give or take.
  3. Get dressed. Make sure everything fits right. You might need some pins or even duct tape to secure your dress. We don’t want any fashion fails, do we?
  4. Check over everything. Dress? Check. Hair and Makeup? Check. Nails? Check. Heels? Check. Jewelry? Check. Great! You’re ready for your big day.


  1. Wake up at least an hour before they need to be ready. All they really need to do shower (maybe) and shave their face (maybe).
  2. Put on suit. Suit? Check. Ok, that’s it. You’re done.