Q&A with Boys’ Tennis Number 2: Jack Edwards


Spencer Leovan

Jack is a sophomore, and he has been on the Pella Boys’ Tennis for two years. This year he’s on varsity.

Q: What are your goals for tennis?

A: My personal goals are obviously to make it to individual state with Carter Briggs for doubles, and then as a team, to make it to team state. We believe this year that we have the depth to win state and go very hard.

Q: Who are your toughest opponents?

A: When it comes to the tennis meet, there are a couple of tough opponents like Norwalk and Ballard because they are both really good teams. Individually, there are a couple good players who we can’t beat, and on other occasions, we can beat them.

Q: What made you decide to do tennis?

A: My brother did tennis his freshman year, his first year he wasn’t very good, but then his second year he made varsity, and that kind of drove me when I was in middle school.

Q: As of 2019, how many matches have you won overall?

A: This year I have won all four of my singles and two doubles. Last year I won 7 of 9 of my singles.

Q: Which teams have you defeated this year?

A: We’ve beaten Boone, Ballard, Indianola, and North Polk. Right now we have six wins and zero loses so far.