2019 Pella Girls’ Cross Country: High Hopes


Norma Spiker

The Cross Country season is coming to an end, with only a few meets left.  Soon these girls will be done with their season. With five new freshman girls, the team size was increased and many new bonds were made. 

“Cross Country this year has been the most enjoyable thing about highschool for me. I’ve met so many upperclassmen that welcomed me to the sport but also into the close family of girls. They’ve helped me adjust to high school and have been a friendly face in the hallways,” said freshman Tatum Tierney. 

Senior Elsie Thoreson also agrees about the close team dynamic. 

“This season has been different than others because there are a lot of new people! It’s been fun getting to know everyone and to form new relationships,” said Thoreson.

Through the ups and downs, the girls have been pushing harder than ever. Their ultimate goal is to qualify for state. Junior Abby Cutler has had a particularly hard season. 

“I’ve been injured this season, so this year has been a struggle.  Running-wise, it’s been harder for me,” said Abby Cutler.  

Abby Cutler is hoping to run the State Qualifying meet. The coaches have recently selected their team to run that meet and alternates to be by their side. Caroline McMartin, Tirzah Wittenberg, Ellie Roorda, Ashley Blommers, Elsie Thoreson, Hailey Kowzan and potentially Abby Cutler will be running the State meet. If Cutler can’t run, Andrea Van Heukelom will run in her spot. The other two alternates are Issy Weesner and Tricia Lundy, who are both in their first season. 

Every year Coach Doug Cutler comes up with the team motto. This year’s motto  was “High Hopes.” He hopes everyone can apply it to their season and their life overall. 

“High hopes for me this year has been about focusing on the journey,” said Abby Cutler.  “This year it wasn’t possible for me to track my success, so I had to focus on putting my hope into the rest of the team as they competed.” 

The girls’ team is pushing harder than ever to qualify for the final state meet even after a difficult season of injuries and they have pushed through to work for their goal. The girls will run at the State Qualifying meet on Thursday the 24th at Central College.