Almost, Maine Review


Zandra Spiker

Almost, Maine is the most commonly performed high school production in the United States, showcasing roughly nine different couples in different stages of their relationships.  Some are meeting for the first time, and others are meeting for the last time. Almost, Maine is the perfect show for a high school audience as it addresses many different types of relationships in many different stages as well as many couples may face. 

There is no character in Almost, Maine that is seen as the “main character” or stands out above the rest. This leaves the audience with the ability to interpret the characters as they would like, to find their personal favorites. Not only is this good for the audience, it also encourages an even playing field for the actors and creates an environment where everyone can focus on being the best version of their characters. The story follows the entire town, giving subtle nods to the different scenes through comments about other characters involved in  the separate love stories. 

Almost, Maine was an extremely well-cast production, with every actor seeming to be in the perfect role for them. It was easy to forget you were in the audience of a high school production as they brought the story to life with their words and actions. I believe the simplistic scenery aided the cast rather than hindering them, as they were forced to interact with each other rather than the objects around them.  The cast of Almost, Maine will be performing Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night at 7:00, and I believe Almost, Maine is a well-chosen, well-cast production that you won’t want to miss. The show provides characters that every member of the audience can relate to, as well as insight on small-town life that we can all relate to. Almost, Maine is sure to make you smile, laugh, cry, and hold the people you love just a little bit closer.