Disney Live Action Movies

Disney Live Action Movies

Tucker De Jong

By Tucker De Jong

Disney has been releasing “live action” versions of their famous movies from the 90’s. But even though they make a lot of money, does anyone really like them? Some say yes, but I say no. The only reason I would go to one is if I like the original. And that’s what Disney wants you to do, remember the original. So if you remember the original, then you’ll go see the remake and Disney gets money. Disney uses nostalgia to have you give them your money!

When people say live action, they think more adult. People think “animated” is childish. “Live action” is more adult. So when people see these remakes, they believe their watching a more “adult” version. When kids watch them, they think they’re more adult because it’s “live action.” 

Does anyone remember when they remade “Pete’s Dragon,” “The Jungle Book,” or “Dumbo?” I loved the remake of “The Jungle Book.” You might not know this, but that remake mixed parts from the Disney movie and the book. This is what Disney should be doing. Remake their movies with something added to it. Not condensed so it can get to the parts we all remember. Or, Disney could remake their old films so they can change up some things so it can fit for a newer generation.

To conclude this article. Disney is trying to exploit our nostalgia so they can get more money, but should instead remake movies that are more needed for a remake.