Snow, Snow, and even more snow


Daisy Eguia

I am fairly new to the freezing cold temperatures. I lived in Alabama for the majority of my life and let me tell you the coldest it got was MAYBE 45 degrees. I also did live in Kansas where I did have some exposure to the cold weather but nothing compared to the weather conditions here. Now here I am an Alabamian girl living in Iowa where it snows pretty much every other day and the temperatures drop to below 0. Snow to me is absolutely beautiful when it’s falling and coats the trees. I always wished to see the snow pile up, but now that it is around me 24/7, I’m over it. Especially when it begins to melt and freeze into the ice…that is literally my worst nightmare. 

My family and I weren’t necessarily prepared for this weather. The first Friday we got out of school early because of the ice was when we realized this. The car had a thick layer of ice all around it and the windows looked like textured glass.  We’re used to a little frost and usually, we would go out and turn the car on letting it warm up eventually, the frost would just dissolve..but here it’s a whole different story. We had to turn the car on like a half-hour beforehand and then we went in with a broom at first because we didn’t have the proper tools to remove the ice and snow off the car. Honestly, the worst part about it is standing outside in the cold. And one day we were coming home and we couldn’t pull into the driveway because the snow had built up so much. The tires kept turning but we were going backward. As you can probably tell snow is something we still need to get used to. But one thing I can say is every time I see the snowfall it makes me super excited.