Instagram Challenges


Norma Spiker

We’re all stuck in quarantine and we’re all bored. But, as teenagers we all turn to our phones and social media to cure our boredom. With that, Instagram challenges started soon after quarantine.

See 10, do 10

One of the first challenges was a pushup challenge, where you would record yourself doing 10 pushups. Then you tagged 3 other people to do the challenge.

See a verse, share a verse

This challenge is similar to see 10, do 10 but this time people were sharing their favorite Bible verse. Then they tagged 3 (or a few more), and they would do the same. 

Positivity challenge

This was the first major challenge of Instagram during the pandemic. A girl would post a picture she felt confident in. Then she would tag a group of girls, and they would do the same. It was to spread positivity and confidence during the time. 

Until tomorrow

My personal favorite challenge of the break was definitely until tomorrow. Nobody really knows how it started, but one person posted an embarrassing photo of themself. They all had one person tagged and had the same caption, “Until tomorrow…” As I scrolled through instagram and was liking all these photos, my dms soon blew up. It was the same long paragraph about how I liked their post and needed to post an embarrassing photo, tagging only them, and with the caption “Until tomorrow…” Then there were two more rules, you must send this to everyone who likes your post and you must keep the post up for 24 hours (hence the name “Until tomorrow”).

Honorable Mention- see a pup, share a pup

We can’t forget see a pup, share a pup. With the same basic concept as see 10, do 10 and see a verse, share a verse, people shared photos of dogs. It was a way of bringing positivity (and dogs) to people’s Instagram stories. 

With the quarantine continuing to go on, we can only imagine the many more Instagram challenges that are coming. The challenges might even move to Snapchat or other forms of social media but only time can tell what we will do to cure our boredom during quarantine.