Cyber Bullying

Throughout my high school career there has been many situations where I have been emotionally hurt due to bullying. Not just verbal bullying but cyberbullying. As a sophomore AND as a junior, the same person each time who I will not name, made a twitter page named “Not Sammy Boetger,” which was brought to my knowledge through some friends. The twitter profile was covered in disgustingly crude tweets, all about me. Of course an unconfident 15 year old sophomore girl, like I was at the time, would obviously be in shambles emotionally about the situation. I cried for days after and was terrified to go to school because I was so embarrassed. I wasn’t the only one being targetted.
A study done by Harford County Examiner said that at least half of teenagers in the world have been victimized by online bullying. According to a project named Delete Cyberbullying, it is so easy for teens to cyber bully because of the not being face to face aspect and their ignorance of the consequences. The National Council of Crime Prevention surveys teens around the country. They said that 81% of teen cyber bullies do it because they think its funny. Sometimes cyberbullying can lead to more severe consequences such as suicide.
Cyber Bullying affects everyone including celebrities. Jennifer Lawrence actually deleted all her social media due to someone hacking her phone and exposing explicit pictures of her.
Honestly cyber bullying is ridiculous in my opinion. All it does is hurt people that don’t deserve to be hurt. It’s sickening seeing it all over my social media. Cyber bullying ruins the experience of social media. Social media is all about free expression, but when you beat people down on it, it takes away that “not being judged” feeling.

•Sammy Boetger, samantha.boetger@student.pella.k12.ia.us