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Jennifer Van Haaften @jennifer_beth99- “But if u don’t post a gameday pic r u really in football??!?!”   


Annika Pingel @AnnikaPingel- “Only Xc runners would run to team meal and then run home after… In knock off vans.”   


Ava Rowe @ava_rowe- “sooooo you’re not supposed to swallow toothpaste……?”


Nicole Schnebbe @NicoleSchnebbe- “Me last year: “no it’s XC season, I can’t eat that”

Me this year: “Eh I have 8ish hours to digest these 3 pieces of cake before my race.”


Sarah Killoren @KillorenSarah- “I’m gonna nap so hard later.”


Avery VanZee @AveryVanzee- “Ian: “My legs are as tight as uncooked noodles” … “Like straight spaghetti.”  


Nick Vroom @nickvroooom- “why do all the freshmen have the exact same haircut?”   


Michael Schildroth @mdschildy-”I become less Hannah Montana and more Alex Russo everyday. U feel?”   


Reece Schnell @ReeceSchell-”Pella has the best offensive line in the state #handsdown.”    


Jake Schulte @jschulte1314-”another day = another opportunity to prove myself”


•Tiffany VanGilst, tiffany.vanglist@student.pella.k12.ia.us

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