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Showcase article correction

The Pelladium wishes to correct a mistake in our February 27 Issue. Concert and select choir will not be a part of the showcase as reported in the Pelladium. PHS’s two show choirs, AcaPella and Bravo, will perform in the showcase with Jazz 1, Jazz 2, percussion ensembles, and band, orchestra, and choir solos and


Exclusive Interview with Catharine Found

Courtney Paxton had an exclusive interview with Catharine Found, the sister of Caroline Found whose story is told in the movie Miracle Season. This movie is about a seventeen year old girl, Caroline, who died in a deadly moped accident in the beginning of her volleyball season. Caroline’s teammates have to work through their grief


PHS FFA members competing at State

Pella High FFA members will travel to Iowa State University in Ames to attend the 90th Annual State FFA Convention on April 23 and 24. The convention includes the following competitions: public speaking, running FFA meetings, reciting the paragraph long FFA creed from memory, Ag broadcasting, and many more. FFA members who are not competing


From the Ashes

The iridescent emerald insect seems harmless, almost beautiful, but looks can be deceiving. These creatures are wreaking havoc across the United States and in our very own community. Emerald Ash Borers are native to China, where they burrow into trees to lay their eggs. The larvae hatch inside the tree, then burrow into the center


Pella in Jazz Champs

Pella’s Jazz I traveled to Ames to compete in the annual All-State Jazz Championships on Thursday, April 5. At Jazz Champs, the band performed in the afternoon at 3:45 for the competition’s judges. Their afternoon performance determined whether or not the band would advance to the finale later that night. According to trumpet player Grayson


Ready Player One Movie Review

Ready Player One is directed by Steven Spielberg and stars Tye Sheridan as the main character, Wade Watts. The plot (without spoilers) is about Wade in the year 2045.   His avatar in a virtual reality world called the Oasis is called Parzival. The creator, who has died 5 years previous to the present day in

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Grant Stegman

What has been done since the Parkland Massacre?

Two months have passed since Parkland’s horrific school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Since then, students from the school and around the country have come together to demand change from our lawmakers and the NRA. The March for our Lives team orchestrated a nationwide movement studded with top hit celebrities. But on the


Pella Students take on All-State Jazz Band

Congratulations to sophomore Annaleigh Babcock, freshman Isaac Piersma, and senior Adam Start for making All-State Jazz Band! Reporter Jaedyn Witzenburg interviews Babcock and Piersma about their experience auditioning for all-state jazz band. Annaleigh Babcock: Q: What process did you have to go through to get nominated for all-state jazz band? A: We sent in pre-recorded

Guest Writer

Decious Shares Her Gift

Dancing around the kitchen, and singing at the top of her lungs as a young girl, Taylor Decious found a passion that she would follow throughout her middle school and high school career and possibly into the future. Decious grew up around music. She had always known her parents as singers, and her grandmother would


Essential Oils Article

There has been some discussion on whether Essential Oils are good for you or not. There are several people that believe that they are not good for you, but they can help you feel healthy and relaxed. You can use oils in different ways such as applying them onto your skin, diffusing them, or put

Guest Worker

New Branches on the Grafting Tree

Soon-to-be Pella High freshman, Jonathan Burrows sat in the car on his way to Pella, his soon-to-be-home. A million questions were buzzing through his head, specifically about all the new opportunities to come. Burrows would soon learn that his grafting tree was about to add a new branch.   “I think with every move, it’s

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Freshman Ryan Hancock Qualifies for State Wrestling

Freshman Ryan Hancock qualified for state by winning his districts bracket. He was the first person to do this since Levi Azinger in 2014. Hancock was pinned in 2:34 during his first match by Nick Miller of Wauke. In Hancock’s second match, he was pinned in 3:16 by Kaden Kams of Waterloo West. Watch the


Bowling Q/A with Matthew Dejong

Q.Have you enjoyed your season so far? A. I’ve enjoyed the season and the success of bowling this year. I loved working with the team and coaches this year as well. Q.When did you first become interested in bowling? A. I first became interested in bowling after I got diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome which meant


The Price of Politics

I love politics! Current and future voting members of America need to keep track of it. However, I feel like our society focuses on much on politics, making us forget one very important thing: we are all people. Politicians love to split people into groups: minorities, majorities, Republicans, Democrats, etc, etc… Politics also loves to


2017-2018 Girls Basketball

The Pella Lady Dutch have an overall, 13-6 win this season. Their next game is on February 14th against the Grinnell Tigers who are at an overall 17-2 win 9 this season. According to senior, Kara Wichhart, The Pella Lady Dutch are improving together despite losing several starters from last year. Senior, Chloe Van Vliet,

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