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Girls: Andie Sunderman @andelynjae I’m already tired of school and ready for Christmas break. Ellie Howard @elliehoward_ Listening to Christmas music puts me in such a good mood. Hanna Kendall @hannaisnotfunny Just ordered $60 worth of sweaters and have no regrets. Kennady Klein @kennady_klein Why does 7 feel like 10 every night? Paloma Mate-Kojo @TheMKPaloma


Bowling Preview

Last year the boys’ Pella High bowling team won all of their games, and placed 2nd at conference and 2nd at the state qualifying meet. Graduated senior Cameron Miller competed at the state tournament last year. “The girls’ team did not compete at state last year because their numbers were too low,” said sophomore Logan


12 Movies of Christmas

Just like the song, “Twelve Days of Christmas” we have our collection of twelve movies leading up to Christmas. Miracle on 34th Street A heartwarming holiday story about the importance of childhood wonder, trust, and standing up for what you believe The Polar ExpressThis movie might just convince you to believe in Santa Claus. Elf


Evolution of Christmas

While Christmas originates as a celebration of the Christian faith, the way that it is celebrated and who celebrates it has changed over time. Whether they are Christian or not, most Americans observe Christmas. But how did this religious holiday turn into one of the largest commercial holidays of the year? In the Christian faith,


Mannequin Challenge

What is the mannequin challenge? The mannequin challenge started when a group of teenagers decided to create a challenge, which uses social media to coordinate a group to do something and video the event. Then the video is also shared through social media. This particular challenge is where a group of people freeze, making it


Jazz Band

The Pella jazz band program has maintained a steady career of excellence at Pella High. The varsity Jazz 1 has brought home back-to-back 3A state championship wins for the last two years, and the program has won 16 Iowa Jazz Championship titles in total, which is a state record. This year, the program is returning


A Penny for your Thoughts

Black clothes, pale skin, hard music. These things often intimidate many people, sometimes even scare them. The Gothic subculture in our country is often seen as satanic and unsympathetic, but is this how they really are? Most people are intimidated when it comes to Goths because of how intense their style is and the supernatural


Top 5 Christmas Songs

Like all Christmas lovers, I started listening to festive Christmas music as soon as Halloween was over. So if you need some Christmas music recommendations, I can certainly help out. Here are my top five Christmas songs. Happy Holidays and enjoy! 1. “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey “All I Want


State Swimming

Sophomore Lindsey Blommers recently swam in the Iowa State Swimming Meet in Marshalltown. Blommers swam in two events, the 100 breaststroke and the 50 breaststroke in the 200 medley relay. She did not qualify for the state meet as a freshman, so this year she was thrilled to get to compete. “I was happy to


December Staff Editorial

Christmas, what a wonderful time of the year! Everyone is joyful as they get to see loved ones. People give gifts to one another and celebrate Christ’s birth. But, was Christmas even a Christian holiday in the first place? Where did the idea of celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth come from? Long before Christ was even


Pella High Honors Van Horn

It is hard to find an alumni of Pella High School who doesn’t have something good to say about Bill Van Horn. Bill was the Athletic Director here for 14 years, and he was a teacher and a wrestling coach for 36 years. “Bill never met a stranger and he was always willing to give


In the Mind of Gabi

I love Christmas, it’s my favorite holiday. It is a time that I get to see my family and spend time with them. I mean, the music is so cheery, the movies bring people together, and don’t even get me started on the food! One of the best parts of Christmas as a child was


Teacher Resolutions

Question: What is your New Year’s resolution? 1] Bryant Hancock- My resolution is to live a healthier life. 2] Erin Yoder- I don’t set a new year’s resolution. Instead I am living by my one word- “Choices.” 3] Karen Ryals- I would like to find a better balance between school/work and personal life. 4] Dak



On November 5, two members of Forté competed at the ISDTA (Iowa State Dance Team Association) Solo Competition. Forté is Pella High’s dance and drill team which is made up of nine members. The members that competed were juniors Brynn VanderBeek and Journey Reynolds. The competition is split into classes I-VIII, Pella is class V.


Coprorate Christmas

Some businesses started decorating for Christmas even before Halloween this year. Stores, big and small, around the United States have been promoting Christmas early. But, why do they do this? Big stores start marketing early to promote layaway and get people thinking about the holidays. Christmas has more retailers than any other holiday. If you


Concept Cars

People from all over the United States every year flock to cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, and Detroit every year. Individuals are even glued to their phones this time of year with all of this potential information coming out. There before them is a vehicle draped in a cloth, showing only its