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Truck Crashes into Pella Walmart

Thursday, December 1, tragedy struck in Pella, Iowa. A truck crashed through the front doors of Walmart, ending up in the produce section, killing three people and injuring two. The names of the victims are as follows: Carrie Zugg, Lindsey Rietveld, and Ruth Jean DeJong. One of the injured was Ruth’s husband, Robert DeJong. The


Debate Team Wrap Up

The Pella High School debate team has had an interesting topic to research this year. Gun control. Why we should keep it or how should we regulate it versus don’t keep it and give guns to everyone who applies. A wide variety of how to debate this topic got many interested and numbers of members


Not Our President? Response

“Trump is not my president.” “Love Trumps Hate.” “I’m still with her.” These are a few of many signs held by vigilant protesters in wake of a new president-elect. In cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, and many more, millennials and others, younger and older, banded together in a mutual disagreement against the


Not Our President?

Two days ago, Donald Trump was elected to become the 45th president of the United States. As it stands right now, he is merely the president elect as President Obama has until January 20 before his term ends. Though the above is true, the nation has come out in swarms to protest the results of



Speech and Thespian season has started at Pella High School. There have already been some practices, and there are over 80 students that have signed up. The two coaches this year are Suzanne Jones and Ashlee Whittington. There are many categories within group and individual events. The group events are: One Act, Ensemble Acting, Radio


A Penny for your Thoughts

This year’s election is pretty scary. I understand; no one really wants either candidate to win. Trump seems a little excessive. He acts with so little forethought it’s terrifying to think of what he would do with the power of a U.S. president. Hillary isn’t very trustworthy; her name is connected to so many scandals.


DMACC Associates Degree

On October 24, Principal Eric Nelson proposed a program to the school board that would provide Pella students the opportunity to graduate from high school with a DMACC Associate’s Degree. For students to graduate with a full associate’s degree, they will need to have at least 64 credits. Along with the 64 credits, one will


Music Man Review

(This review was written after viewing the final dress rehearsal of The Music Man on Tuesday, Nov. 1.) Pella Community High performed The Music Man for it’s musical this year, and it was directed by Michelle Chaplin. Originally composed by Franklin Lacey and Meredith Willson in 1957, The Music Man is set in the fictional


In The Mind of Gabi

At the homecoming dance, I saw and heard many things that made me sad. As I was dancing and having fun, I watched guys come up behind girls and pretend to grind on them. They were clearly doing it to look ‘cool’ and get a laugh out of their friends. After turning away from that,


Creepy Clowns

What started as a Halloween hoax has turned into multiple clown sightings throughout the state. There has been threats and sightings of the clowns in both small and large towns in Iowa. This is part of a national trend. People in at least 14 different states have reported that they have seen people dressed as


Staff Profile Interview

Where is the best place you’ve traveled to and why? Deb DeNooy- Panama City Beach, the water was so blue and the sand was so white and warm. Cheryl Carey- My favorite place to travel is to visit family. Deb Huisman- I traveled to Las Vegas in 1981 and liked it so much I moved


Cyber Bullying

Throughout my high school career there has been many situations where I have been emotionally hurt due to bullying. Not just verbal bullying but cyberbullying. As a sophomore AND as a junior, the same person each time who I will not name, made a twitter page named “Not Sammy Boetger,” which was brought to my


FFA Sales

When FFA first started, their main goal was to help students who wanted to be production farmers, but now it still focuses on the individual student but also provides a path to achievement in premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. FFA helps students develop their unique talents and explore their interests


The Return of American Muscle

During the early 1970s, the British bragged about how they were producing cars with over 100 horsepower. At the same time, American cars had over 350 horsepower, but that is none of my business (If you just imagined Kermit the Frog drinking tea, we can be friends).This era in time was commonly referred to as


GREAT Rubric

The GREAT Rubric hit Pella High School at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year causing some confusion for the students. Teachers are supposed to test out the GREAT Rubric in one of their classes this year, and they will have to use it in every class next year. The “GREAT” in the GREAT Rubric