Chick Clicks V. 5

Chick Clicks V. 5

Maybe it’s a whistle. Maybe it’s a shout. Maybe it’s a wild waving of arms and some obscene comments thrown your way. Any of these, to men, is just something that happens in everyday life. To women, however, catcalling is not a compliment, not at all. It’s verbal and sexual harassment.


There is a lot of controversy on the topic of catcalling. There are two major sides, one that believes that catcalling is not a problem; it is just women overreacting to being yelled at on the street. The other side believes that catcalling is a problem, that being yelled at on the street is harassment and is not a compliment at all, as those who participate in catcalling like to use as an excuse.


Catcalling from the males side seems like just some fun, or a complement to the women. Some arguments from the male perspective, as seen in this video: Some men think that it is a compliment, and others think that if women really had a problem with it they would have spoken up before now. There is also the excuse that if the men hollering at women were hot, then women wouldn’t care. Some men also turn it around, as can be seen in the video which really explains it better than we could.


Catcalling from the females side is not a fun thing at all. It shows that the person yelling does not think of the female as human. They see the female as just an object used to give men pleasure. Women are more than that. Women are human beings who can help advance society. It is not a compliment to objectify women.


Some people are oblivious to cat calling because it doesn’t happen to them, or around them. True, catcalling isn’t very common in small towns. That doesn’t mean that it’s not there. It’s especially prominent in New York City and other large metropolitan areas, as you can see in this video —> It also happens in other places around the world, more frequently than the U.S. It happens every day in places like Mexico and Tunisia.


So guys, instead of yelling obscene things at women and expecting them to take it as a compliment, come up to us and tell us politely. Maybe when you can see a woman’s face, you’ll actually see that they’re human and have feelings, just as you do.