Chandler Jahner

Pella publications expands across multiple media platforms, whether it be Snapchat, Twitter, or even Instagram. has been a part of the publication line up since 2010. However, it has not been without its problems. The website was hacked twice last year and the web editor in charge at that time could not decipher what the issue was. Eventually, it was decided to take the website down last May. As soon as school started once again in the fall, junior Brenna Hildebrand became the head editor of the website and took it under her wing. Systems administrator Cody Mock eventually solved the issue with the site’s hacks, and Hildebrand gave it a face lift.

“I have totally redone the theme, with the help of Mr. Mock, so it looks completely different. It’s easier to manage, and it’s not too slow. I’ve also made it my goal to have more appealing pictures for the covers, as to draw in more interest and make the website look nicer in general.” On top of physical improvements, the website has become more responsive when it comes to visitors trying to explore the website. The speed in which it loads and also its availability of links has improved its ability to serve the student body. “The purpose of the web is to allow students and other people in the community to read the uncut versions of the articles found in the newspaper; as well as allowing our staff to write more current articles and make creative alternative stories, such as videos,” said Hildebrand.

Students such as Isaac Zeimetz have joined the website staff to help ease the load of Hildebrand’s job. Though the two have made major improvements to the website, they say they are not finished with renovations. “So far, I’ve done absolutely nothing to change the web. Brenna, the mighty webmaster, has been teaching me how to do all the stuff like adding galleries and new pages and the such,” said Zeimetz.

Sophomore Tiffany Van Gilst is Pelladium’s social media editor and has worked with junior Harley Atchinson to promote and run the Pelladiumonline Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram accounts. “I want to reach out to those who don’t necessarily read the newspaper. For example, we use Snapchat to show people behind the scenes of things such as show choir or speech. We use Twitter to immediately put out scores and give people news right away,” said Van Gilst. “My hope is for our social media to reach out to a different viewer of the Pelladium.”

On top of wishing to improve the speed and outreach of the website, the staff has made an effort to produce more visual media. “Reading and the consumption of media has changed drastically in the last decade,” said Pelladium Advisor Amy Blanton. “We want to include more alternative stories in order to engage our audience.”