Administration Requires Formal Dinner Before Prom


Allison Clark

Regarded by some as the most important night of high school, prom has been featured in numerous coming of age movies like Carrie and Pretty in Pink. While Hollywood may romanticize the “magic” of prom, the event is valued among teenagers, and Pella High students are no exception.

Every year, Pella High School hosts a traditional Prom for the upperclassmen. Like years before, many of the same rules are in place. For example, inappropriate dancing (ex: slam dancing), illegal activities, and inappropriate dress are not permitted. However, one notable change has been made. According to a letter sent out to the student body via email, “Students choosing to attend Prom will be required to attend the dinner AND the dance.” This sparked some negative feedback from students who are accustomed to dining out before Prom.  

Senior Suzy Brackin is one of these students opposed to the formal dinner. This is due to the lack of student input on the matter and forced attendance.

“I think that it should have been an option whether or not we want dinner instead of enforcing it right away. There may have been less negative feedback if it were eventually made a requirement, rather than right away,” said Brackin.

Some students have found the requirement to be a load off their shoulders when it comes to planning dinner. Senior Michael Schildroth is among these students. According to Schildroth, he doesn’t mind the changes because “it takes out the obstacle of finding somewhere to eat.” Senior Rebekah Fyfe shares a similar viewpoint.

“It’s always tough to adjust to change, but I think having the dinner before prom will help alleviate some of the difficulties in making plans,” said Fyfe.

Jon Muller, assistant Principal, is excited for students to experience the changes to Prom. He hopes that students who attend will look at the formal dinner as an opportunity to experience something new.

“The tradition of prom stems back to celebrating unity amongst your school. So, to have all the kids together for a dinner really sends that message that we trying to celebrate the classes,” said Muller.