Trending apps


Hailey Sundby

New apps and social media are being created everyday. These are just a few of the highly popular apps that have been trending so far this year.


VSCO has been one of the biggest trending apps this fall. It’s a photography app where you upload or take photos while adding filters and using other editing options. The photos can be shared with other users on VSCO as well as other social media sites. However, with the app of VSCO, there is no option for liking or commenting like all the other social media apps. A VSCO representative claims, “We have more of a reputation for ‘serious’ photography enthusiast. It’s about a great looking photo not how many likes and comments.” The app also has a feature where you can favorite images you like into a folder that only you can see, so you can go back to those photos and quotes at a later time. It also lets you re-publish photos  on your page from other VSCO users.

Pros:  improves photos, great way to share your favorite photos, no likes and comments, inspiring quotes.

Cons: additional features and filters cost more


Recently Huji has blown up. Huji is an app that allows you to take photos while the app edits it for you. The second you take a photo, it is then developed into a photo with reddish tints and warmer tones. This gives the photos more of a vintage and retro look. You see them on Instagram, Snapchat, VSCO, etc. Friends take Huji photos of whatever they are doing, wherever they are.  You have a polished photo ready to instantly post.

Pros: nice built-in the filters, easy and simple to use, edits the photos for you

Cons: often has ads, occasionally adds unwanted rainbows in smudges on the photos


Instagram made an addition to their app called Boomerang. It’s a separate app that also connects to the Instagram app itself. Instead or just capturing a photo or video, it allows you to capture a video with very little movement for just a short period of time, replaying it over and over again. The app captures 10 photos and turns them into a short video. Many of the boomerang videos get shared on social media such as Instagram and VSCO.

Pros: cool short videos, easy to use

Cons: takes practice to capture the movement you want to video