Bryleigh De Jong

With the recent change to Chromebooks, the school introduced the new system/program, GoGuardian. The new system/program allows teachers to look at student’s computers and be able to block websites, videos, and games. However, as technology improves, so does the student’s understanding of that technology.  

There has been a recent situation involving GoGuardian where students at Pella High have found a way around the system., knows a little about the situation. 

Assistant Principal Derek Schulte said, “Like any system out there that monitors online activity, students or others can find ways around it. So that’s what happened in this case. The difference is that our I.T. department is able to recognize that.” 

According to Schulte, in the future, because technology is evolving, it is likely that there will be other ways to go past or around the system of GoGuardian. 

“Do I think the I.T. department will eventually catch it, change it? Yep. The department is really skilled and knows what they do,” said Schulte.  “GoGuardian is really designed to just do this, make sure that the learning device is used that way.”

Bryleigh De Jong ([email protected])