Tucker’s Spooktacular Halloween!


Tucker DeJong, Page Editor

It’s the season of scaring people and candy. The time when our fears come to life. The time when monsters from legends come after us. But we all know that the legends aren’t real, but they could’ve been. Just like some of these monsters, these movies were once real before they became a legend. So, here’s Tucker’s top 5 lost horror movies!


#5- Dracula’s Death (1921)

Dracula’s Death, sometimes referred to as Drakula halála, was a Hungarian silent film made in 1921. This film marked the first appearance of Dracula himself. The plot is about a woman getting sent into an insane asylum where she keeps seeing visions of Dracula. All copies of the film are considered lost.


#4- The Werewolf (1913)

The Werewolf is considered the first werewolf movie ever made. The movie centered around a Navajo woman carrying on her revenge by turning into a wolf when settlers started invading her land. Supposedly, all copies of the film have been destroyed in a 1924 fire at Universal Studios.


#3- London After Midnight (1927)

London After Midnight is a American silent film starring Lon Chaney. The film is about a man dressing up as a vampire to help identify a murder culprit. The last copy of the film was destroyed in a 1965 MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) fire.


#2- Life Without Soul (1915)

Life Without Soul is a silent horror movie made in 1915. The film is an adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The film is about a doctor making a soulless man until it’s revealed that in the end the man was dreaming all of it while reading Frankenstein. All copies of the film are considered lost.


#1- King Kong Appears in Edo (1938)

King Kong Appears in Edo is a two part silent film made in 1938. The film is about a father looking for his daughter and using his pet ape named “King Kong” to go find her. The second part of the movie is about “King Kong” going berserk and attacking the people of Edo. The films were destroyed during the atomic bomb landing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Wow, this is a scary thought to think about. All their hard work, gone. Turned into legends. Let’s just hope this Halloween you don’t turn into a legend like these movies, happy Halloween!