The Addams Family


Norma Spiker, Executive Editor

As we entered the school year, many kids were excited to hear about the musical for this year. Although facing some obvious challenges, the goal remained the same: to put on an entertaining show for many people of the community to watch. 

The Addams Family was chosen as the fall musical in April. The speech and choir departments have been working together since. This is the first year the departments have decided to direct the musical together. 

I think the two departments working jointly is bringing the best of both worlds,” senior Travis Mitchell said. 

The speech and choir collaboration isn’t the only change the musical is facing. Due to many Coronavirus regulations, the musical has been pushed back to the spring. The directors are hoping that pushing back the performances will bring more people into the audience. 

Along with the production date changes, practices have looked very different for the cast this year. They are required to wear masks at all times and be socially distant whenever possible. For sophomore Braelyn Ensor wearing masks in practice is difficult. 

“Wearing a mask can be really hard when you are trying to portray a character’s mood or act with another person,” said Ensor.

Ensor was cast as Wednesday Addams, the daughter of Gomez Addams (Mitchell) and Morticia Addams (Senior Hannah Tschetter). Tschetter describes her character as, “she’s the mother of the family, and she holds all the control….for the most part.”

The musical will be performed in March, the exact dates are to be determined. The Addams Family will be one to remember, so make sure to come and watch in the Spring.