The New Godzilla Netflix Series


Tucker DeJong, Page Editor

Netflix has announced a new Godzilla series coming to their services in April of 2021. The trailer was released in October, and it has given us a lot to look forward to. So here is a list of things to anticipate for this new TV series.

  1. A continuous plot: A problem with Godzilla related media today is the fact it’s usually a one time thing, meaning they only plan on making a story for one movie. Then the next movie tells a new story, forgetting the previous one. This series can be a way to start a story and keep it going.
  2. Character Development: Another problem with Godzilla movies is that you have one shot to like the characters. This series can be a way to introduce characters and let them grow on us over time. 
  3. Better writing: A problem with any movie is possibly having bad writing and Godzilla movies are no exception. Lately we’ve been having Godzilla movies that rely too much on the monster or too much on the humans. With a TV series, I think the writers can have time to expand on the human characters and go into the monster’s back story’s without feeling like they are forced to move the plot along.
  4. Monsters: A problem with modern Godzilla movies is a heavy reliance on popular monsters. The trailer showed only more obscure Godzilla monsters and one’s not seen in Godzilla media for a while, like Anguirus, Titanosaurus, Gabera, and Jet Jaguar. This gives these monsters the opportunity to be popular. The monsters they’re bringing back needed to be updated. Most of them only have one appearance and mostly have silly roles they play in their movies. This is a way to make most of the monsters seem more scary and look like an actual threat.


This show has garnered heavy anticipation since the trailer’s release, hopefully making this a show to be loved by Godzilla fans and more.