A Divided Nation


Picture this. You log onto Twitter, looking for updates on the baseball game you want to follow along with but can’t watch because Major League Baseball has decided to black it out in your area. A group chat called “ThE hIVE” that you happen to be in is going berserk over something that just happened in the game, so you go to your timeline to check. But you can’t find any updates because a person with the handle of @magapatriot2020 and a person with the handle of @bluewavebiden18475 are arguing all over your timeline. This is a very common occurrence on this app, and it’s one of many examples of why politics is absolutely ruining this country.
Of course, that intro is highly exaggerated but the Twitter political experience is eerily similar to that. For the most part it is people from both sides of the political aisle starting meaningless arguments online with each other. In a time where the country is more divided than ever, people arguing on Twitter may seem very miniscule in terms of the grand scale of things but in reality it actually shows how deep the division is within this country.
I personally do not care whether or not athletes express their political opinion. Contrary to some people, I think that it’s a good thing that they do. But an adage has kind of been adopted from more and more athletes expressing their beliefs. “Stick to sports” is what is usually said when that happens. More or less as a joke at the time, I adopted it. But now as the country grows further and further divided by day it seems. I no longer involve myself in political discussions on Twitter, and I don’t use it for anything else besides sports. So now I find myself literally “sticking to sports” on a daily basis. I find myself really refusing to involve myself in politics simply because all it seems to be to me is constant arguing and bickering. And I fear that many other people have the same beliefs as I do. And that’s really terrible for the future of the nation, that people don’t want to join a side in the seemingly endless fighting and bickering in politics. But on the other hand there are people that are so caught up in politics that they refuse to even associate with people because they support certain political candidates. That’s not what this country needs in a time, especially where the country needs to be reunited now more than ever.
I have many reservations about politics. I have my own beliefs, as any person should and very likely does have. Obviously it’s necessary for it to exist because if it didn’t… well, there would be nothing but chaos. It’d be an anarchy. But a lot of the aspects of it are what I would term as “divisive”. The country needs to be reunited, and fast.
President-elect Joe Biden says that he plans on doing just that during his upcoming presidency, and while I may not agree with some things that he stands for, I certainly wish him luck on doing just that, because that would go a long way in terms of getting this country back in a place where both sides of the political aisle are working together for the better good of the country.