Advice from a Senior

Looking back on my years in high school, I have realized there are a lot of lessons I have learned.  I could sit here and give you typical advice. I could say push yourself and work hard, go to as many school events with friends as possible, don’t listen to what people think of you, or enjoy every moment because it flies by. Although those things are all true, and I agree with them, I want to share something that I never was told, which is to embrace change. Embrace the changes that you will go through, which will be many, and embrace the social changes that happen around you.

My advice is to go into high school with an open mind.  Don’t put yourself in a box. I went into highschool with an identity I was set on. I can tell you that identity changed so much in my four years. In the moment, not knowing who I was or not being who I thought I was going to be, freaked me out. But looking back, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Allowing myself to change only let me figure out things I wouldn’t have discovered about myself otherwise. It allowed me to figure out who I truly was and who I wanted to grow into. I think by the end of highschool most people still don’t know exactly who they are, which is okay too.

Most underclassmen coming into high school identify themselves as an athlete, jock, artist, musician, partier, or nerd. I advise you to not only put yourself into one of these categories. Be open to being or trying multiple things. I was in colorguard, which I never thought I would do. I decided to do cross country my sophomore year, even though I had played volleyball for three years before that, and I’m so happy I decided to change things up. As a result, I didn’t associate with only one type of group, but many. 

Once again, if you take anything away from this column, take away the idea of greeting change with open arms. It will allow you to grow and discover something new about yourself. High school is the perfect time to learn and figure things out.