Is Pumpkin Spice Overrated?

Is Pumpkin Spice Overrated?

Hope Vos, Reporter

Pumpkin spice is a fall staple. It’s not autumn until you see a girl wrapped in a plaid scarf, a gray dress, leggings, the boots with the fur, and a pumpkin spice latte. But is it really that good? According to the 500 million lattes sold, since the launch of the drinks in 2003, yes. But personally? I think it’s not as great as some people say.

Junior Jasmine Ramirez states, “A lot of people drink it. It’s a basic, white girl drink.” 

However, the majority of students feel a distinct dislike for the drink. As soon as students were asked the question, “Does anyone here have a positive opinion about pumpkin spice?”, they responded with a rather aggressive no. Even the teachers are against pumpkin spice, with Mrs. VanderLune stating she believes that cinnamon coffee is superior. 

So why the hype? Social media probably had something to do with it, as the drink is aesthetically pleasing and posting it online is sure to gain some traction. 

Some people genuinely enjoy the pumpkin spice lattes. According to sophomore Faith Vandenberg, the drink “tastes like fall in a cup.” 

I doubt it would have the same publicity as it does now without popular influencers spreading the drink all over everyone’s feed. So whether or not you enjoy pumpkin spice lattes, enjoy the fall vibes. Don’t let the fact that I and many others don’t agree with the fanfare around the pumpkin spice lattes stop you from enjoying it.