Is Kindness and Respect Lost in This World?


Faith Vandenberg, Reporter

Have we lost the art of kindness? Have we lost respect? I think we have. After viewing the world we are living in now, I think all traces of kindness have been erased. It almost seems as if no one can do a simple task, just because it is the right thing to do. GenZ thinks it’s “funny” to be disrespectful to teachers, repetitively, even if it affects everyone else in the room. Teenagers think it’s “funny” to be constantly rude.  They think not listening is an interesting “trend.” 

GenZ would all be lying if we said we have never been rude to someone before, but it gets to a point when it becomes a trend and something to laugh about. Being flat-out rude is just disrespectful and teachers have to put up with it for eight hours a day. Teachers went to school to teach, not to put up with disrespectful and arrogant students. 

Teenagers have a sense of entitlement; they expect instant gratification. And for most, that gratification doesn’t lead to guilt, so that is why they continue with their behaviors. According to an article by Daniel Wong entitled “How to Deal With a Disrespectful Teenager,” “One of the most common causes of disrespect in teenagers is the absence of boundaries. Children who have been spoiled or allowed to have their own way often become disrespectful teenagers.” 

Let’s get a little more local, and look at our school specifically. I have been in countless periods when teachers are being disrespected by students, and not to be sexist, but mainly by boys. Just like I mentioned earlier, they think it is funny to be rude, and their friends encourage it. They laugh along, and they make it harder for the class to get back on track.

When you disrespect the teacher and the class, it gives the classroom a negative energy and vibe.  I don’t want to be there anymore because I’m not learning. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I walk into choir, I want to be there to sing and learn, not to just hear Mr. DeMoss or Mrs. Robilliard get mad at the students who don’t want to be there. 

In different classrooms, the environments can depend on the class difficulty. I can speak specifically for any other classes because I’m in honors and AP classes.  The students who are in there, want to be in there. I am in Math 2, and I can say that it is a whole different environment in there. There are people strolling in late and just being rude, loud, and disruptive. I feel like I can’t learn sometimes. But in all my other honor classes, we are productive and we get things done on time.

I get that some kids don’t want to be in school, I do. But we should all have the decency to be nice, respectful, and kind. What type of character does it show if we aren’t? We wouldn’t be representing our school well, and just think about how many people we will be disappointing. 

The next time you are rude, the next time your friends are disrespectful, stop and think about what you’re doing before you actually do it. Is it worth it to be rude? Is it worth it to be disrespectful? Just stop and think.