2021 Royal Tulip Court Q&A


Tatum Tierney, Web Editor

Q: What does being on the Tulip Court mean to you?
Uitermarkt: It means the world to me to be able to be an example while also promoting our community all throughout the state!
Buckingham: Being on the tulip court to me means confidence. Not confidence in myself, but confidence from the community. Confidence that I can serve and represent our community well.

Q: What did the Court process look like?
Uitermarkt: That evening, we did interviews with all of the judges prior to the show starting. Then, onstage, we introduced ourselves, gave a presentation about ourselves and answered various questions.
Buckingham: The court process involved interviews, an on-stage presentation, and lots of waiting!

Q: What are you looking forward to the most?
Uitermarkt: I can’t wait to get to know the other girls on the court better. I also can’t wait to talk to tourists and others about Pella. I have always loved this town, and have been very involved in the past.
Buckingham: I am looking forward to traveling to Orange City the most. I think going to another Dutch community will be really fun.

Q: Why do you think there were fewer PHS students pursuing a Tulip Court spot this year?
Uitermarkt: I think the number of girls who have accepted their nomination for Tulip Queen has dropped for a variety of reasons. The biggest is probably the fact that students tend to be so involved and don’t want to have to miss any part of their season.
Buckingham: I think less students pursued Tulip Court because the process is very pageant-y. A lot of girls don’t want the attention or have other Tulip Time activities they would rather participate in.