How to Layer Up for Winter


Tatum Tierney, Web Editor

We all know looking cute during winter can be difficult because you want to stay warm and not a lot of cute clothes provide the warmth you need during the cold season. So I am here to teach you all how to put on layers for warmth and for looks.

First off, it all depends on how cold it actually is outside. My first tip is to layer leggings under a baggy pair of jeans because no one will know they are there, but boom, you have extra warmth. Second, turtlenecks are your best friend. Have fun with pattern and color; you will look like you know what you are doing. Something feels right about a cheetah print turtleneck with a graphic tee over it. You can layer anything with a turtleneck, sweatshirts, pullovers, t-shirts, jackets, vests, blazers, dresses, just about everything. Here is a similar concept, collared button-up shirts layered under sweaters and sweatshirts gives you a fun preppy look but another layer to keep you cozy.

Hear me out on this one, jackets over jackets. So, a funky jacket or button up with a leather jacket on top with the under layer barely showing underneath, and then wear a crop top under it all. 

Another hack is layering your socks. Socks over socks over socks because cold feet is one of the worst feelings ever. My last piece of advice is puffer coats. We love puffer coats. They are super cute and trendy, and it’s a literal winter coat, so now we can wear coats for warmth, and it will look cute as a part of your outfit.