An Inside Look of Pella High’s Student Council


Bryleigh De Jong, Editor

Even though the council doesn’t stand out as much as show choir or basketball, the group of student leaders plan and organize many activities for the school throughout the school year.
The council has twenty-eight student members with each grade having a class president and secretary. Every year, there are two seniors elected as student body president and vice president. This year’s student body president is Ashley Uitermarkt, and Allie Singer is vice president.
“I have really enjoyed being Student Body President!” said Uitermarkt. “I love any opportunity to be in a leadership role and have appreciated the chance to organize so many events with the other Pella High School Student Council members.”
When she was in 8th grade, Uitermarkt was the Pella Middle School Student Council President.
“I wanted to be on the student council as a 7th grader because I wanted the opportunity to help make the school experience more enjoyable for myself and my classmates,” said Uitermarkt.
Uiterrmarkt expressed that her favorite part of being on the student council is seeing how so many people from different activities fit together when working towards the common goal of creating a better environment for students and staff. Within the student council, the group has people from sports teams, musical groups, and many other clubs and organizations.
“Each person brings a slightly different view to the table, and I think that this is part of what makes the student council so successful,” said Uitermarkt.
The head of student council is Dak Rasmussen, who teaches World History and Western Civilizations. This is his twentieth year advising the student council.
Rasmussen appreciates when the students advocate for themselves and take charge of a situation to create a school that is their own. This year the student council has been service oriented.
“The senior class has done a great job trying to help around in the school and the community,” said Rasmussen.
The can drives and the angel tree project have been led by the seniors with the help from the rest of the council.
“One thing that has changed a lot, is students have gained a louder voice in school policy,” said Rasmussen. “Change such as school wide decisions that are run through the student council.”
What student council does consistently every year is run the Homecoming competition activities, organize the fall food drive, host Winter Formal, attend the Josten’s Leadership Conference, and help direct school policies.
This year, student council started off with Homecoming. Next, the group partnered with Maggie Leach and put on a raffle to collect laundry supplies for Operation Share the Load. They also attended a leadership conference through Jostens. The student council also delivered Christmas packages to EMTs, policemen, firefighters, and postal workers along with cards from both the high school and middle school student bodies. The goal this year for the council is to do at least one community service project and one project within the school per quarter.
“Having more specific goals has helped us to stay more accountable,” said Uitermarkt. “I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve as Student Body President for the 2021-2022 school year and can’t wait to see what is ahead of us the rest of the year!”