PHS Art Department


Pella’s art program offers classes that teach the basics of drawing, painting, and ceramics. In order to master these skills, drawing, painting, and ceramics are also taught at advanced levels. Peer Art involves students with special needs working with student (peer) helpers. These partners create art together.   

Student art is displayed in the Senior Lounge and by the auditorium.

“I love seeing outcomes of all projects because I appreciate art so much,” said art teacher Julie Stratton. “Although if I had to pick a favorite project to see creativity come alive in, I would choose the Pella postcards where my students paint a landscape that is meaningful and familiar to them or the portraits are always fun as well.” 

Stratton believes that all artists are unique in the way that they express themself in their artwork which is what arises the opportunity to stand out. Although the art classes are skill-based, Stratton strives to foster a creative environment in which independent projects give students the chance to run wild with their ideas.

Many of Stratton’s students have continued to pursue art after high school in amazing ways. Some have gone into art education, fine arts, graphic design, and biomedical illustration.

Pella will host the Little Hawkeye Conference Art Day this spring. The student artists in the eight schools in the Little Hawkeye district will meet and showcase their art. Last year six Pella students placed first in this competition.