Will Simpson: The Four Percent


Nick Rus, Reporter

One of the most under-appreciated sports is golf. However, a local student athlete has brought the golf program in our school some new attention.

“Over the years Pella has definitely expanded the golf team and it is definitely becoming more popular. If we could get to state as a team it would definitely help golf be more in the light.”

 Will Simpson loves teeing off in front of a big crowd. Wanting all the fans to come out to the meets that can. With only one year left Will is honored with placing 16th and 7th at state his freshman and Junior year. Along with being selected to the all tournament team and first team all state. This isn’t just thanks to himself alone. 

“It’s a lot of fun being a student athlete golfer. Mr. Fessler is a great coach and all around great guy.” 

 Going into the 2022 season Senior Will Simpson is already committed to play at the college level with the Trojans in Troy. 

“In 7th grade I started writing down goals and, at the top of the list, was playing D1 golf”.

 Will is walking proof that hard work and dedication pays off. He started playing at just the age of 3 and played his first tournament at 5! He became in love with the game, going to more and more tournaments across the country.

“Over the years they got me into bigger and better tournaments around the country that helped me get exposure and exemptions into bigger tournaments.” 

Will has continued to work hard and outperform the competition. Even being one of the best golfers in the state of Iowa he still believes, “someone out there is always better than me so I just gotta stay focused and do my thing”. I’d say he’s done just that and accomplished his previous number 1 goal of making it D1. We wonder what’s in store next for Mr. Simpson. Possibly a PGA appearance?