The Appeal of Bowling


Each year, it seems as if the bowling team is increasing in numbers, and this year is no exception. The bowling team has gained enough new members to have four JV bowling teams and a varsity team. The girls have enough members to have both a varsity and JV team. There seem to be many different factors into why bowling is so popular, but junior Emily VanderMolen thinks it is due to the new coaches this year.

“In the past,” VanderMolen, “We have had two amazing coaches that have volunteered to coach the bowling team, but unfortunately could not this year. The three new coaches stepping up and volunteering to coach has also brought attention to the bowling team.”

The new coaches this year are Kaurie Marinkovich, Mallory Peterson and Stephan VanGorp.

Recruiting new bowlers is fairly easy for the upperclassmen. According to VanderMolen, it always comes easy because bowling has such a positive environment for everyone. Reaching new goals is always a positive boost for new team members.

  “We have recruited a lot of bowlers this year by saying how fun and rewarding bowling can be. Since we have so many bowlers this year not everyone gets to compete in every bowling meet,” said VanderMolen. “Reaching a new high score at practice can be very rewarding to people.

The new coaches have brought something new to the team. But junior Anna DeNooy doesn’t just appreciate the new coaches, they also love the team aspect of the bowling team.

“My favorite thing about bowling is the team aspect,” said DeNooy. “Everyone is there to have fun and bowl, and it’s just a great atmosphere.”

Hanging out with your friends can also be very appealing to new members and another very easy way to recruit new members for the team.

“The thing that made me want to go out for bowling my sophomore year was that a couple of my friends were in it. I liked bowling so I thought, why not, and I have been doing it since,” said senior Konner VanderWerf.  

The bowling season so far has gone well for both the boy and girls team this year.  On January 29, both teams sweeped Knoxville off their feet, defeating them both. The boys won  2718-2446, and the girls won 2026-2006.

Our bowling season thus far has been pretty good, but we’ve lost a few close matches,” said VanderWerf. “One of our biggest competitions coming up is against Bondurant-Farrar, and they’re the best team we’ll go against all year.”

Now both teams are excited for the Conference meet which will determine whether the teams will go on for the rest of their season.

“We have quite a few meets coming up,” said DeNooy. “The biggest one is Conference which I think we are all looking forward to.”