Q & A with Reagan VanWyk


Chloe Adolphi, reporter

Q: How was your season last year? 

A: As a team we were decent. We weren’t the best…I individually medaled at 3 meets. Then I had my 5th place in the all-state conference, and I also placed 12th at regionals. 

Q: What is the strength of your team?

A: We do have good team chemistry because we have golfed together for so long, for a couple years. Me, Ellie Wogen and Olivia Hood were the top three last year, and I feel like that chemistry going into this year will be good, and we just work together really well. We also help each other in practice.  We don’t always work individually; we will give each other tips. I know Coach Tangen has reached out to me to reach out to the younger girls to give them tips because we want to work together. 

Q: What are your biggest obstacles this season?

A: We are very young and the majority of our team will be freshmen and sophomores. Golf is always a difficult sport because people mostly do it for fun. It’s not normally their number one sport that they play all year round. So oftentimes the beginning is a little rough because we are still getting back into the swing of things, and the girls that haven’t played before still need to learn.

Q: What is your team goal and your individual goal?

A: Our team goal is trying to grow together and win a couple meets. My individual goal is I want to make it to state. Obviously I want to individually and as a team, but I don’t know if that’s necessarily going to happen. But being four places away last year, I would love to make it to state and be able to experience that. 

Q: Why do you love golf?

A: I have grown up in a golf family, and I live on a golf course. My brother and sister played it in high school, and my dad went to college for it. I’ve always just played the sport and never really practiced it until high school.  Then I kind of fell in love with it, and I love being in the outdoors as well and it’s just such a peaceful sport. Going from basketball, which is so high tempo, I feel like golf is relaxing time for me, especially after school practices.