Lily and Thea’s Prom 2022 Ratings


Lacy Bainum

Best Group: Juniors Emma Boggards, Macie More, and Lily Davidson

Lily and Thea Wisse , Reporter

Best unique dress: Senior Willa Kelpe (Lacy Bainum)
Best Couple: Seniors Emma Curry and Carl Miller (Lacy Bainum)
Best Boutonniere: Senior Mckaffery Brandt (Lacy Bainum)
Best Group: Juniors Emma Boggards, Lily Davidson, and Macie more (Lacy Bainum)
Best Unique Tux: Senior Terri Weddel (Lacy Bainum )
Best Tux: Senior Gage Huizer (Lacy Bainum)
Best dress: Senior Callie Carlstone (Lacy bainum)
Best Corsage: Junior Eliza Vanzee
Best Prom Hair: Junior Auttum Green