Plans Change



There are 6,570 days in 18 years. By the time one reaches 18 years of age, it is expected they know where they’re going after high school, what they want to do, what school they want to attend, and more. In 6,570 days, one must attempt to understand how the world works before jumping in headfirst. No one is ever fully prepared for the changes life will bring, and it is critical to understand that life will change whether we like it or not, but that is part of the adventure of living.

Mr. Solomon, AP Human Geography and Sociology teacher as well as the boy’s varsity soccer coach, shared one of his biggest life changes. In high school, Solomon wanted to be in the Air Force like his father. Unfortunately, vision problems halted him from qualifying for pilot training. 

“I didn’t have a plan B going into college,” said Solomon. “But through that process and learning about myself, I thought I might try education.” 

Solomon has helped lead the boy’s team to a 2018 state championship and positively shape the minds of students since.

Cathy Hones, a Biology and Anatomy teacher, went through many career changes before landing as a teacher at the high school. Hones went to school to become a veterinarian, then changed to become a wildlife biologist, and eventually landed on education. 

“I worked an internship at a park to help educate people about nature, and I found that I not only liked teaching people, but I wanted to be with people every day,” said Hones.

In my own life, I have had many unexpected twists and turns. At this point one year ago I was planning on attending the University of Missouri. Since age 8, I wanted to attend the MU Journalism School, be a tiger, and be a Mizzou student. I thought I had my life mapped out and Mizzou was where it started. Although, when I actually visited the campus last year, I didn’t leave as dazzled as I had imagined. I had second thoughts that I tried to suppress and ignore. I thought, how could this be happening to me? This had been my dream since the second grade, and I couldn’t let them go, even if I wasn’t entirely happy. 

 Well, my life made a drastic change in the summer of 2021. Thanks to the Miss America Organization, I have been awarded the presidential scholarship to the University of Alabama. After visiting in October of 2021, I fell in love. I am ecstatic I will be able to call Alabama home next year, but more importantly, I am happy that my life took such an unexpected turn. Though I won’t be a Tiger, anywhere close to Missouri, or fulfilling 8-year-old Maggie’s dreams, I am fulfilling my current dreams. It just took me a while to realize them. 

These are only a few of the billions of stories people have about how their life changed for the better. It’s important for people to note, especially seniors, that it’s perfectly alright if your plans change, if you transfer schools, or decide to work instead. You will never be able to plan for everything. In no way am I saying you shouldn’t prepare yourself for your future, in fact, that’s a great plan. However, it is critical to understand that when things do change, you know you are not a failure, you are not a disappointment, and you have not brought shame upon your family. Having the ability to take on change and move through life knowing what is there today may not be there tomorrow is how you can prepare yourself best. Life changes, you change, plans change, and that is what life is all about.