Obscure Aesthetics

Kidcore is an aesthetic based on nostalgia and reliving your childhood in your clothing. While some people simply enjoy the aesthetic, it can also be a coping mechanism for those who want to experience the bubbly and fun childhood they may have missed out on. Kidcore is all about bright and sometimes clashing colors with common symbols including teddy bears, Hello Kitty, candy, smiley faces, and other childhood-related objects or characters that invoke nostalgia. In general, kidcore is just a happy aesthetic about reliving memories.

A rising phenomenon in internet culture is varied aesthetics, a general idea behind art, clothing, decor, and more. While certain aesthetics like Cottagecore, Grunge, Academia, and Soft-Boy/Girl have gained popularity, there are hundreds out there that are lesser known. Who knows, maybe one of these styles will resonate with you?