The Dutch Bump, Set, and Spike in the Season


The Volleyball team is 16-9 in all matches including invitationals and normal matches. The starters are freshmen Katie Scheckal, sophomore Kelsey Tauke, juniors Abby Warner and Bryn Higginbotham, and seniors Jasmine Namminga, Mia Warner, and Katie Pollock. 

The Lady Dutch definitely had a harder time starting off this year after losing five of their six starters from last year, but they are bouncing back. 

“So obviously all our rotations are new this year because we had those 5 starters last year, so our chemistry on the court is a little bit [more] difficult than it has been in past years. But overall I think our team has done a really good job of coming together and figuring those things out in practice and in-game,” said senior Alaina Hartke. 

 The older players have welcomed the younger players, and these bonding moments have really helped their play on the court and will come in handy come tournament time.  

“We have done a lot of bonding stuff, so we pull pranks on underclassmen,” said Hartke. “We do team dinners and stuff all the time.”  

As their regular season is coming to an end, they have big goals for the closing of their season. 

“To play as one, as a team, obviously, it’s way important now as we are going through coaching stuff now,” said Hartke. “But we also want to have a winning record.”