Halloween Costume Ideas


Halloween is just around the corner, a form was sent out to the student of PHS of what their favorite Halloween costume was. One person, in particular, said they like costumes to be original, but not basic. This response summarized the majority of the other responses that were submitted. Many people responded with ghosts, witches, and superheroes. There are many costumes that you can create that are original and you can add your style and own ideas. The 80s look and a light-up jellyfish are some easy costumes that you can create at home. 

The 80s look has always been a favorite go-to Halloween costume. An 80s costume often involves: denim, tie-dye tees, leg warmers, or just any neon colors. 80s popular hairstyles included jheri curls and mullet. You can also add a pop of colors to your hair to help complete the look.

A light-up jellyfish is a jaw-dropping costume. You can do this in any color you want, but I choose blue. All you need for this costume is a clear dome-shaped umbrella (or any clear umbrella), blue Led battery light, tulle shimmery fabrics (optional), electroluminescent wire (EL) wide wire-lined ribbons, strong tape, and safety pins. 

Steps for creating the light-up jellyfish

  1. Wrap the led battery light to the metal rod of the umbrella (you can use the tape to secure the battery to the rod)
  2. Hang the EL lights to each of the metal rods (I wrap mine to the edge of the umbrella)
  3. Cut the ribbons into the desired length and attach them to the edge of the umbrella with the tape (you can use safety pins)
  4. Cover the entire umbrella with the shimmery fabric (secure it with tape or safety pins) 
  5. You can put on simple colored clothes to finish the look

Those are two simple costumes to do at home this Halloween. Both the 80s vibe look and the light-up jellyfish is an easy Halloween costume that can be put together in a short amount of time, while still looking incredible.